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Traffic signs and signs

Traffic signs are one of the most important factors in creating security and prosperity in cities. Traffic signs reduce the likelihood of accidents and violations as […]
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About Accelerator

As the name implies, the accelerator is one of the urban furniture equipments in the traffic field, which is used to reduce the speed of vehicles […]
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About Guardrail

Attention to the safety and well-being of citizens is one of the essential issues in studies related to the urban furniture industry. The use of guardrails […]
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Urban lighting design and environmental perspective

Since in our country, most of the electricity from power plants is supplied with fossil fuels, electricity consumption means more fossil fuels and more carbon dioxide […]
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Factors influencing urban lighting design

Factors influencing urban lighting design   Type of Activity: The first and most important factor in lighting design is the type of activity that takes place […]
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Lighting in the urban space

Urban lighting, if designed properly and properly, can improve the quality of urban nightlife. But if the necessary parameters are not selected correctly in urban lighting […]
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Urban and ambient lighting (urban lighting design steps)

The following three steps are typically taken in lighting design projects: Concept design: At this stage, the urban lighting designer schematically expresses his lighting ideas, for […]
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Citizens’ relationship with the elements of urban furniture

The design of urban furniture elements should be such that it communicates with the citizens according to the cultural characteristics and identity of each society and […]
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Investigation of important indicators in urban furniture design

Urban furniture is an important part of the urban environment that is in combination and direct or indirect interaction with other city facilities with different applications. […]