Urban furniture

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Citizens’ relationship with the elements of urban furniture

The design of urban furniture elements should be such that it communicates with the citizens according to the cultural characteristics and identity of each society and […]
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Investigation of important indicators in urban furniture design

Urban furniture is an important part of the urban environment that is in combination and direct or indirect interaction with other city facilities with different applications. […]
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Around a park chair or park bench

One of the important, necessary and needed accessories of the citizens is a park bench for rest. The park bench has been common since the 19th […]
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About park sports equipment

As we know, physical activity is one of the necessary factors for the human body to maintain health. Keeping the heart healthy, enlarging the lungs, preventing […]
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History of urban furniture in Iran

Our beloved country Iran has a great civilization, a long history and a rich and rich culture. The survival, longevity and longevity of Iranian civilization is […]
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The position of urban furniture in the field of urban management

In today’s life, the place and importance of urban furniture, its role in improving the urban space and the relationship between furniture elements with different spaces […]
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About Granular Flooring

As we know, in the flooring industry, flooring has several sub-branches and has different applications, for example, in the construction industry, various types of stone, rubber, […]
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About children’s play equipment – polyethylene

One of the methods that the human child generally chooses unconsciously to improve his mental, physical and psychological abilities is to play. Many psychologists believe that […]
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About the park bench

Predicting the seating area and its role in beautifying urban spaces is very important. Seating areas are important elements of urban furniture, so planners and designers […]