Advantages of using our products and services

Good price

From the beginning of the activity in the lighting and furniture industry, the efforts and efforts of the dedicated staff of the Shahrsaazaan engineering company, the satisfaction of customers (final consumers, prestigious contractors and coworkers), has been based on reasonable and fair price communication. So over the years, due to the cordial attention paid by the prestigious pricing policies, our large and loving family of our customers has reached nearly 2000 public and private centers.

High quality and fast forward

The use of high quality raw materials with reputable brands, precise design, the operation of advanced machinery, manufacturing and manufacturing in accordance with national and international standards, and continuous monitoring of the quality control unit on the stages of production and, finally, the provision of recyclable products, including The factors are the high quality of the products of the Shahrsaazaan engineering company . Also, the right packaging, order accuracy and accuracy in loading and upload speeds are always on our agenda.

Installation, implementation and after-sale service

All products and products of Shahrsaazaan Engineering Company, with a one-year warranty and three years of after-sales service are provided. The focus and activity of an expert and experienced team of installation and after sales services include: the implementation of various types of fittings, installation of lighting systems and park equipment, as well as repair, replacement of parts and periodical servicing. All of these services are provided after contact with the support department of the company in all parts of the country and in the shortest possible time.

Our special conditions and services

Park bench and trash bin

Possibility of designing and producing various types of park benches and trash bins in accordance with the opinion, taste and needs of dear consumers and in accordance with the current standards of shahrsaazaan

پایه چراغ خیابانی

Street Light

Possibility of designing, producing and implementing a variety of tube and multifunctional street lights with different drawings and according to standardization points, in accordance with the needs and tastes of respectable consumers in shahrsaazaan company.

types of tower

The possibility of designing, constructing, installing and launching various types of masts in all parts of the country, with the technical specifications of the standard and in accordance with the needs of respectable consumers, at the shahrsaazaan engineering company

مجموعه بازی - پلی اتیلن

Play tools for children, Polyethylene

Playground polyethylene set for outdoor (parks) and specially closed space (kindergarten) with the possibility of changing shape, shape and changing parts in shahrsaazaan engineering company

:::: The number of products that the Shahrsaazaan has provided in the centers and regions of the country ::::

Play tools Polyethylene
Granular Flooring
lighting tower
light street
Park benches