About Shahrsaazaan

Shahrsazan Modern Ideh company began its work in the year 1384 with the merger of young people, the research experience of more than 20 years of senior management, world-day knowledge and systematic production line. The company started to design, produce and supply the park’s lights – a modern and classical garden, and continued with the provision of a variety of street lights, solar lights (Solar), various types of optical telescopes and LED-equipped systems, and more recently with additional The field of urban furniture and park equipment, such as fitness and fitness equipment, children’s play equipment, etc. was completed.

Health and Professional Ethics

  • Observe social norms in taking advantage of opportunities
  • Competition and engagement with competitors based on competencies
  • Representatives’ competent selection and win-win interaction with customers, contractors and suppliers

Current programs

  • Developing and diversifying the product through the use of day-to-day technologies, while increasing customer satisfaction
  • More and more commercialization of low-power LED products and solar systems (welcoming the use of alternative solar, wind and other energy sources in lighting)
  • The possibility of continuous and direct customer monitoring throughout the production and supply phases of the product
  • Increased production and productiv

Our vision

All children, citizens and all communities of Iran have access to all the parks and towns

Our mission

Creating a sense of security, prosperity and comfort for citizens in parks, recreation spaces and other urban areas.


Important achievements

  • Implementation of 2000 lighting, urban and traffic furniture projects in more than 1,400 centers
  • Improving the quality of products
  • Send goods as quickly as possible
  • Provide after-sales service in less than 72 hours
  • Exports to neighboring countries: Afghanistan, Iraq and Armenia

On the agenda

The family of customers of Shahrsaazaan

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