Industrial LED projector



 LED lamp is a small lamp with big capabilities that have been developed along with technology.





Special specifications of LED lamp are:

-adaptability with environment (not producing greenhouse gases),

-high lifetime and absorbing of impact,

-۵۰,۰۰۰ hours light,

-(M/W 1201) reaction time to electricity for reaching maximum lighting (less than 20 micro minutes,means 15 million times faster than normal lamps),

-ability to regulate light force and angle of light (by using types of lenses),

-not decreasing lifetime with high shimmering (million times),

-not decrease light by passing time (because of producing electron light in LED), variety of color (main colors such as red, yellow and blue and combinatory colors), high clarification of color “CRI”- under light of LED,

-color of objects are totally clear ( because of producing all visible rays),

-to produce invariable light (not producing penumbra),

-low electricity consumer (80% decrease), which has caused to increase its produce and usage in a short time…..



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Products holding LED lamps



Industrial LED projector (special for internal areas):

Industrial LED projector is most applied in burrow and industrial units. This product is the best replacing for gas industrial lights with low electricity expense because of:

۱- to produce invariable light,

۲- ۹۰% clarification of light and identify all visible colors while working,

۳- more than 50,000 hours lifetime,

۴- resistance against electricity fluctuation,

۵- high lifetime of lamp unlike much shimmering.

here we introduce two models of LED industrial lights:

LED industrial lights

LED industrial lights


Research and design department of Shahrsazan engineering company is ready to help you by software designing your internal space for determining number of projectors, type of their setting, etc and provide comparative- explanative plans such as: amount of utilization and quality of light, expense of electricity and turnover of investment.