Telescopic light tower

TeLight tower. The best choice for parks, squares, highways, urban environments, this device has been differed from other urban light equipments because of easy maintenance and services, light towers equipped into electromotor and gearbox and as a result ascent and descend of head of projectors.

برج نوری در شب








Unique specification of light towers is to save time and cost while replacing projectors because of omission of lift.

to use galvanized cover:

بدنه برج نوری در گالوانیزه

پایه چراغ خیابانی - گالوانیزه

تاور برج نوری - گالوانیزه

برج نوری - گالوانیزه

it is possible to construct the bases on different heights (15, 18, 24 and 30 m):

برج روشنایی
















Light towers are much used to illuminate large areas such as parks, excursion sites, squares, streets, bridges, and buildings spaces such as hospitals, factories, and so on

These towers are usually 12-30 m high in the motor and motorless types with fixed and moving baskets. Their external surface is protected using hot galvanized steel and their parts are assembled in the overlap form. Their basket security is supplied via interlocks and parachutes

برج نوری - اردبیل



– to use moving head (without using lift), and it is possible to install 4 to 24 projectors with regulation capability angle, and it is possible to use types of projectors (400 w, 400 *2 w, 1000 w, 1000 * 2 w):


هد برج نوری

برج نوری








– equipped to electromotor and gearbox:

برج روشنایی تلسکوپی

برج نوری تلسکوپی موتوردار


برج نوری با تابلو برق

تابلو برق برج نوری تلسکوپی









– to have electricity panel,

– equipped to control and order system,

– equipped to blinker light on top of tower,

– to have lightning arrester to prevent against thunderbolt,

– polyhedral bases (6, 8, 12, 14, 16),

– overlap connection of pieces of base,

ورق آهن

ورق آهنی








Advantages of shahrsazan tower lighting companies:

 It is obvious that pieces related to light towers are provide from the best brands available in market (it is possible for Shahrsazan Company to provide ready foundation for bases and light towers from 9 to 30 m).

برج نوری تلسکوپی - خمام

benefits of using ready foundation:

– easy and rapid installation of bases or tower (less than one week),

– ۱۰۰% standard of foundation,

– possible to replace the foundation and install base or tower in another place.


برج روشنایی تلسکوپی موتور دار

برج نوری تلسکوپی

برج روشنایی - اردبیل