park lights


park lights has been considered by addressees of urban services because of variety in figure (modern and classic), color (in taste) and material (metal , plastic, …); they can be used in all open areas such as urban, administrative, villa and indoor areas as cylindrical, mural and hanging forms. Shahrsazan Company is one of pioneers of this industry while producing 170 models of park lights.

park lights

park lights

General specifications:

۱- to use iron and aluminum sheet with suitable thickness

۲- to use high quality plastic materials including polycarbonate, poly acrylic and polyamide

۳- to use modern casts and equipments for injection for elegance and durability of lights 4- to pay attention to design and manufacturing to prevent fissure and influence of dust and insects inside the light

۵- Co2 welding (all lights are produced with electrostatics color).


Clear specifications of park lights are to provide light at night and decorate area at day

Shahrsazan Engineering Company has tried to design, manufacture, and install the park light poles system in various shapes, ordinary forms, and fancy designs with different heights in order to actualize this objective.