Park benches


The most primary method for feeling comfort in parks is to use bench. Way of placing these benches are so that access to them is very easy, it means that they are placed in necessary numbers all over the park.

Park bench layout:

The benches are usually placed opposite of beautiful views but places that people don’t traffic. Benches of Public places are place near stations, kiosks, telephone counters, dustbins and taps for comfort of citizens.

The benches are placed inside or next to centers that people traffic very much especially places that are used for rest and pleasure. Open, beautiful and public spaces have some facilities for citizens to enjoy nature and experience pleasant times and without doubt, their consent will be manifold with a place for sitting.

Park bench types:

Different people like different types of bench and this different taste determines how to design park benches and cause variety of benches. Shahrsaazaan Company have designed and produced its park benches differently in design, form and material according to climate conditions of Iran, different tastes and spaces.

General specifications:

– to use thick and suitable metal pieces

– Co2 welding

– priming before coloring

– painting by electrostatics method










Try variety with Shahrsazan park benches: