Stadium towers

Stadium towers and structures are designed and produced to illuminate sports fields at different heights. The design of these poles is based on the type of the gymnasium application, required luxes of light regional atmospheric conditions, number of spectators, area and so on. A uniformly lighter and safer environment for spectators and players is a major objective of the design.

برج نور استادیومی

fixed and movable basket types:

These structures are utilized in fixed and movable basket types. In the movable type, in order to replace or repair the light source, the basket is moved by an electric control fixed down the tower and the mechanical force of the motor. The easy and cheap movable type service and maintenance because of its movable head and no need for cranes for replacing lamps are some advantages of these structures.

برج استادیومی موتور دار

برج استادیومی موتور دار

Select the type of projector:

Stadium lighting tower and Optical lighting tower is a new product of Shahrsaazaan engineering company that is lighting Urban Spaces and supplier of athletic fields and stadium lighting. Stadium lighting tower,has been designed for practice and standard fields and provide required lighting of sport fields by uniform light distribution. Stadium lighting  tower has equipped with a telescopic base (Lawn)and lighting rods.

Telescopic Lighting tower made by  Shahrsaazaan Company is made in different heights ranging from 12 to 30 meters and the main body is made in the form of an incomplete pyramid with regards to the heights of 6, 8, 12, 14, 16 and its diameter changes from top to bottom.

Visit Find your nearest high mast light tower can be installed on the production of telescopic 4, 6, 8, 12, 16,24 and 30 device types can be variable and supplier Lighting 400 Watt 1 *, 2 * 400 Watts, 1 * 1000 Watt, 2 * 2000 watts used:

also  this projectors are adjustable in various angles.


stadium towers

stadium towers

Access to the projector in case of fixed head:

Constant and homogenous light distribution without damaging the eyes, use of a mechanized system to ascend or descend the projector has made the tower maintenance cost highly economical since there is no need to use a crane in order to clean the projector or change the lamps and the technician can repair the projector or change the lamps easily using the microprocessor control system installed inside the body of the lighting tower.

stadium tower

Accessories and accessories for stadium optical tower:

Engineering design together with following standards mentioned in ISO9001 during production phase has dramatically increase the quality of the tower leading to consumers’ interest in our towers

Control and security systems have been installed inside the body of the tower in separate sections and do not occupy much space from the tower leading to more safety. All the parts and elements used in the tower are from the best and most valid marks available on the market

One of the other features enjoyed by the telescopic high mast light tower made by  Shahrsaazaan Company is the alarm light installed on top of the tower which can be easily seen by and detected by flying objects such as airplanes and helicopters

Also Installation of a lightning absorber on the top of the tower protects the electric and electronic parts of the tower from shock-bearing clouds

برج نوری تلسکوپی استادیومی

In telescopic high mast light tower, the ascending and descending mechanism for the projector basket is designed in such a way with parts to enjoy maxim safety and security. Double gearbox motor, control circuit with valid parts from valid manufacturers, automatic interlock system etc. have been designed and manufactured.